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Westcountry Willows handmade Irish willow coffin

Sustainable Handmade Willow Coffins

Making one of our willow coffins
Westcountry Willows traditional shape willow coffin

Our coffins are made from sustainable and eco-friendly willow, a 100% natural and renewable resource.


We use locally-sourced willow from our own land and a small number of other trusted Irish sources and are committed to producing coffins that are both sustainable and kind to the environment. As well as using locally-sourced willow, all of the coffins are handcrafted, ensuring a unique and personal touch for each of its customers.


We understand the sensitive nature of the product we are producing and are dedicated to providing a product that is respectful and meets the emotional needs of those they are serving. All of our coffins are made with the utmost care and attention, meaning customers can be confident their loved ones will be laid to rest in a place of dignity and peace.


In addition to the coffins being sustainable, another key benefit of using willow as a material is that it is lightweight and easy to transport, thus lowering the environmental cost of transporting them.


We at Westcountry Willows are a dedicated husband and wife team who are passionate about providing high-quality, sustainable coffins for the rural midwest of Ireland and beyond in 2023. We understand the emotional needs of those we serve and will do all we can to provide a product and service that is respectful and compassionate.

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